BADM 1002 24 First Year Development




The presentation that I went to first was about the Free Minds Book Club where the student talk about how he helped volunteer to write letters, transcribe poems, and give feedbacks to DC youth incarcerated as adults. He also talk about how the program expanded to older incarcerated inmates which he was also a volunteer in doing. It was very impactful since he seems very confident in presenting how the club helped so many youth in their academic prowess.

The last session that I attended was the Last Call. It was very aspiring to see so young entrepreneur go about their passion and it made me assess the things that I am passionate about. It was very informative session since there were so many things that they talked about in coming about their business.
Symposium Questions:

1. The showcase presentation that I thought was most impactful was the presentation about Martha’s Table. They believe that every child deserves the opportunity for a bright future and to be engaged within their community. For years now Martha’s Table has worked to support children, strong families, and making sure the community has access to education programs, healthy foods, support services, etc.

2. Out of the six sessions, I attended the “Last Call” one. I found this session to be very inspiring. I learned a lot more about food waste and the lack of food resources most people don’t have access to. It also made me realize how much food is being wasted by others, not even thinking about those that have food insecurity.
The most impactful showcase presentation that I went to was for Marthas Table. As this was what I did for community service, it was interesting seeing some else experience for the organization. They had a similar feeling towards the organization as it truly exemplifies the help that is needed to show poverty stricken areas that health is important and that it can be fun to use new ingredients they wouldn't normally be able to have.

As for the sessions, I attended the last call. It was interesting to see what our waste food is going to when some cant even maintain enough food to have waste.
The most impactful presentation that i attended as the food insecuirty in DC showcase. it was shocking to hear about the struggles that many students face when trying to make ends meet and attain affordable meals. I liked learning about the ability to access food from venders near campuses that the restaurant has left overs from for a more affordable price.

I attended the last call session. It was extremely concerning to learn about how much food goes to waste meanwhile there is a huge wealth disparity and population of people in need of food daily, throughout DC
1) The showcase presentation I liked the most was the Martha's Outfitters that was about clothing success presentation. It was about preparing members for job interviews, meetings, professional get together and professional clothing. I guess it is very important as it will helpful for members in future as it will help them too get jobs and secure their future.
2) I attended the 'Last Call' session which was about food wastage. I think this was very impactful as wastage of food is very huge problem nowadays. The population of people who have to sleep without eating is rising and there is so much food not used.
The most impactful showcase presentation that I attended was called "Scholarly Genealogy of Employment and Criminal Record" by Gwendolyn Loeber. She explained the societal issues that are created once people serve time in jail. As well as that, she explained the pre-conceived biases that are placed on people after incarceration. I found the topic very interesting because she had a lot of statistics and evidence to back up her claims.
I attended the "last call session". I thought it was extremely interesting because I didn't realise the amount of food that goes to waste. Furthermore, so many people, especially at college throw away half of their food and they don't even begin to think of the amount of food insecurity that exists in the world. Im glad I attended this session as it really opened my mind about the issue.
The showcase presentation that was most impactful to me was about Martha's Outfitters. Martha's Table can do all that it can to help families in need by giving them food, but Martha's Outfitters works to help people get the resources that they need so that they do not need to use Martha's Table. I attended the Sustainability Forum, and I learned what sustainability actually was. Before, I thought that sustainability was just a word but after attending this session, I realized that sustainability was so much more than that. Anyone can serve for one day, but sustainability includes serving for a prolonged amount of time in a place and leaving a lasting impact.
The most impactful presentation to me was the presentation regarding Martha’s Table by Gunhee Lee. His project focused particularly on nonverbal communication while doing community service. This was something that I had never really thought about, despite the fact that I’m fairly active in community engagement.

Something that he mentioned he and his group particularly focused on (maintaining eye contact) is something that I have often realized is important for service. You show those you are serving that you care, that you will dignify them enough simply to look into their eyes. This was impactful to me because I have always maintained the important of empathy in service.

I attended the "Last Call" session. It is an important initiative as food waste is a very prevalent, and often forgotten about. But when I see people throw away half of their sandwiches, it really upsets me, because so many people have food insecurity.
1) One of my service fraternity brothers did a project focused on the arguments between the medical and social approaches to autism. She spoke about the arguments for and against finding a "cure" for autism. I found her presentation enlightening because I had no idea this argument existed.
2) I attended the Last Call session. I found this presentation incredibly impactful because I am very passionate about helping to eliminate excessive food waste in my own life and on a institutional level and I am so glad to see someone making such innovative changes to help curb this issue.
The showcase presentation I found most interesting was the Martha's Outfitters, "Clothing Success" presentation. I thought it was especially interesting the work Martha's Outfitters does to help prepare community members for job interviews, business meetings, and other more professional clothing atmospheres. I think this is really important because it teaches a very beneficial, long-term skill.

I attended the Last Call/Community Engagement Consulting session. I found these presentations to be very inspiring and interesting. Specifically, I had no idea how much food waste accumulates within the service industry every year. I also found the community engagement aspect of consulting to be very interesting.