BADM 1002 23 First Year Development




Question 1: Which showcase presentation was most impactful to you and why?

The showcase forum which was most impactful to me was one in which the students in a Spanish class each gave presentations from their service endeavors. One presentation documented a woman who was a teacher at a Bilingual school. Being someone who only speaks English and has never encountered barriers in my education because of it, I was not sure how impactful it would be, however, the presentation showed this issue from a vastly different perspective than my own and opened my eyes to an issue in my community.

Question 2: Which of the six sessions did you attend from 2:30-3:30? In your session, what was something new you learned about community-engaged scholarship?

I attended the Sustainability session, and one thing I learned was about the prevalence of food insecurity and the variety of programs which help those in my community with this challenging problem.
Question #1 Which showcase presentation was most impactful to you and why? (Be sure to upload a picture)

- The presentation that was the most meaningful to me, was the Martha's table division on clothes. Now, having done my community service on Martha's table based on giving food to the community, I was really interested with the other service they provided which implied giving free clothes to the community. The presenters of that presentation said that they mainly give away business professional clothing, which I found really interesting. Each member of the organization that has identify as someone who needs free clothes is given 80$ per month voucher, to purchase the clothes from Martha's table.

Another very impactful presentation was the one, where seniors students created a manual machine to help children( usually babies) who are having heart attacks, I think it is a great way to help the community children around the world. There argument was that the human gets tired while giving the force or the motion ( up and down of their hands) on the heart of the baby, whereas the machine would give a constant and continuous force movement on the babies heart.

Question #2 Which of the six sessions did you attend from 2:30-3:30? In your session, what was something new your learned about community engaged scholarship?

I attended the social entrepreneurship session, located in the ballroom. It founded very interesting.
I learned, thanks to Dylan ( the men speaking) that how help the community and doing service, isn't really to give your time away, but more of an opportunity to learn more about yourself, to be more happy, and that who knows you might ended helping the community with a CEO of a company, which is great also for networking. I found it interesting, how he pursued his love of community service with business in the same time.

Rayane Bedjaoui
Question #1 Which showcase presentation was most impactful to you and why? (Be sure to upload a picture)

I attended the D.C. Central Kitchen showcase presentation. Autumn, the presenter, is a sophomore studying social justice and enlightened me about how powerful and important the work D.C. Kitchen is. Her direct worked involved chopping up vegetables, but even though she was doing some basic kitchen work, she really enjoyed the atmosphere and how everyone working was sharing positive energy for all a great cause. Later on, she then identified how many food deserts there are in DC and how obesity and nutrition is a serious issue, especially for the young generation. Furthermore, she portrayed a slide of the employees of DC Central Kitchen. By employing graduates of DCCK's training program at living wages to prepare these millions of meals, they created $52.26 million in economic returns and taxpayer savings. I thought it was great how not only DCCK provides meals for those in need but also creates jobs and saves them money by enhancing their culinary skills.

Question #2 Which of the six sessions did you attend from 2:30-3:30? In your session, what was something new your learned about community-engaged scholarship?

I really enjoyed attending the panel of social entrepreneurs who are seniors here in GW that have created their own sustainable enterprises. One of the panelsits was the first place winner of the New Venture Competiton, Chloe, who, even though is not in the business school, managed to create Last Call. An app where people can get meals at nearby restaurants for $5 or less. Her main aim was to tackle food insecurities here in GW, as there are a lot of students in our community that cannot provide themselves a third meal. The second panelist was Dylan, a senior in the business school, who is developing a student organization of Community Engaged Consulting. I was very pleased to see how much students are supported by the Nashman Center in providing them the resources to develop social impact businesses.
Question 1: The showcase that stood out the most to me is a girl who presented her work at Martha's table. As I volunteered there myself throughout our community engagement assignment, I truly connected with the presenter as she went there on a consisted basis. Displaying the true results of helping and working in local communities. She was able to build personal connections with those she served and learned more about Martha's tables initiatives.

Question 2: I attended the social entrepreneurship session. This session was very beneficial as it consisted of a panel that discussed that in order to create an impactful initiative you have to research about the people in the community that you directly want to work and help. That being said, they stated one needs to listen and not talk, especially when working with communities that aren't your own. Storytelling is very vital, as you can provide a voice for underrespected communities through their stories and perspectives. Also, outside support is very crucial and important in order to fully progress one's initiative.
Symposium Questions for Class Credit
Question #1 The most impactful presentation was in one of the main rooms, I believe room 302. Here, a girl gave a great presentation in Spanish about giving food to people in D.C and spending time with the community. She said that it was one of the most positive experiences she has had and loved working with the elderly in the apartments. When she showed us the video, the elderly in the video seemed to love the girl and this was great to see.
Question #2 I attended the one that was pretty much all about food and programs regarding food that can impact others because so many people take food for granted.
1. The most impactful presentation in the symposium was the presentation in room 301 about a transsexual in DC who has faced violence and discrimination from both family, friends, and strangers. I found this impactful because the situations described were in the DC area which is close to home. I also found the personal video interview moving because there was a lot of emotion involved during the explanations.

2. I attended the session in the ballroom where they discussed various community engagement initiatives including: a food waste reduction program called Last Call and a consulting firm for non profit organizations. I learned that the Nashman center has a lot of resources available if one wishes to create their own community engagement initiative.
Question #1 Which showcase presentation was most impactful to you and why? (Be sure to upload a picture)

I had the pleasure to see the National Wildlife Federation showcase presentation and learned about their incredible work. This team was able to combine business-minded ideas with a non-profit organization. For instance, they identified their target market of ages from 30 to 50 years old to help them market and promote the National Wildlife Federation’s objectives and their materials/products listed on their official website. They showed the difference between the old and new websites, emphasizing the changes and improvements. They next laid out a list of potential business partners and retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and REI to help bring the organizations to the next level. I realized that I have the ability to help and implement my skills right now, ultimately with organization that do good in the world.

Question #2 Which of the six sessions did you attend from 2:30-3:30? In your session, what was something new your learned about community engaged scholarship?

I had the pleasure of attending the Sustainability Forum with a panelist that created the student organization Community Engagement Consulting and a graduate of the Elliot School of International Affairs that co-founded Last Call. I was very surprised to learn about how much the Nashman Center does to support student endeavors. I connected sincerely to Last Call and their action to battle food insecurity with local restaurants such as Founding Farmers supplies $5 dollar meals through the program.
Q1: I heard about the gentrification in ward 5. This was most impactful to me because this is happening all over the country and it's affecting a lot of peoples lives.
Q2: I attended the one on food. I learned about the program with founding farmers and the $5 meals. As someone who lives on the Vern, this was important to me because Safeway is closing and the Vern is turning into a food desert.
1.I attented the studies in latinx presentation, the one that specifically left me with the most impact was the familiy plan presentation which talked about the struggles of a young migrant women and how she uses her experience to establish a center to offer support to her community.
2.I attented the food wasting session which i learned how we can still use our unsued resources which in these case is surplus food, and make a case that can benifit everyone instead of throwing it out.
1. I think the showcase that was most impactful is the one talking about GW Compost. The belonging group members went to collect and weigh compostable materials such as food scraps, coffee grounds, and dairy products. We also have compost collection back in high school which I think it's really important and helpful for the environment and the community to keep a clean place.
2. I went to the Session in continental ballroom, the beyond service one. I've learned that there’s value for non-profits. You can volunteer or intern in non-profit, build your network, and gain work experience at the same time.