BADM 1002 22 First Year Development




The showcase presentation that was the most impactful was the documentary about Catholic Church sexual scandal. The documentary reveals the plight of sex workers and diversity in student government, and the reason I chose it as the most impactful is that the video was made very realistically. Through the session, I’ve learned that there are still a lot of things to be discussed and solve.

I attended the session on sustainability and learned how entrepreneurship ventures can impact on community engagement. The presenter showed the case by introducing how GWU students currently went through with these related projects, and I’ve learned that sustainability actually covers more than what I’ve originally thought.
1) During the GW Community Symposium, I spent a lot of time in room 310 talking about the National Wildlife Federation. I learned about how the NWF is changing due to technology and a need for young membership and support. They employed many strategies such as raising funds by creating merchandising that young people will get behind like tapestries, phone accessories, or general education.

2) From 2:30-3:30 I spent my time listening to Dylan and Chloe talk about their own companies, CEC and LastCall. It was quite inspirational to see people I share a campus with affecting change in the world. I was able to more deeply appreciate the value of their community engagement because they were so passionate about their work and engaging with others.
1. I really enjoyed the presentation in room 302 about engagement in Latinx communities. I think it's really important to build intersectional relationships, and the presentation opened my eyes to a community I haven't interacted with much. I think that's a great learning experience for me, and what they are doing helping people learn languages to become involved is great work.

2. I was at the Social Change and Good Business panel. I learned just how applicable community engagement can be to the business world. It's very possible to volunteer or work at a non-profit organization that can benefit the community, but still prepare you for a business career.
1. The video presentations in room 302 was the most impactful because these bilingual students taking SPAN 4480 applied what they learned in class to help the community. It was very impressive to see how well they knew Spanish and used that knowledge in their community engagement service. Some students worked with The Family place, which is an organization that promotes stability and well-being for low-income families by offering education, support services, case management, and social support. The organization helps families, who speak Spanish as their first language, learn English. By providing resources for these families, the children are able to keep up with the rest of their classmates in school and the parents are able to find jobs to support their families. Students at GW have the privilege of learning and knowing more than one language and it was inspiring to see that they were using their language skills to help others in the community.
2. I was excused from the second session because of class, but from hearing from my classmates it seems that community engagement is a great way to learn hands-on business skills, while creating positive change in the environment.
Question 1:
The presentation that I found most impactful was the first presentation that talked about how millions of Americans face hunger every year while we waste millions of food every year. I think the presenter definitely embodied all of the qualities that we talked about in class about what makes a good business leader and how business can be used to serve a community. In this case, her team found a clever way to help reduce wasted food and feed those in need. I remember feeling amazed and thinking to myself that sometimes starting a business is as simple as saying what problem do I want to solve in society and working hard to come up with a clever solution.

Question 2:
I do not remember the specific name but I remember that I was really captivated by the session I attend. In my session, three students presented documentaries that they had filmed. The most impactful one was the documentary where a transgender sex worker described all of the challenges that she was facing. It was hard to hear and it definitely had the whole room sympathizing with the worker. The point I learned was that making peoples voices be heard is another way of helping the community.
1. The showcase presentation that I found most interesting/impactful was about employment and criminal records. In this presentation, she went over 3 different approaches: colorblind stigma, colorblind systemic, and non-colorblind. After briefly discussing these three approaches, she talked about how her research showed her that race and criminal record is a barrier to employment. Even though this presentation wasn't about community service I found it really interesting and it taught me something about the negative affects a criminal record can have on someone.
2. I attended the Beyond Service: Social Change and Good Business. I thought that this was a really important session to attend because it discussed why and how we as future business leader need to be involved in the community. I also really liked this session because I was able to see the connection between the community service we did in class and how that relates to the need for Good Business. In addition, I learned that by volunteering, I can learn key business skills, such as communication, that can also help myself in my future business endeavors.
The showcase presentation that was most impactful to me was on the topic of composting here at GW. After hearing the two presenters speak, I learned about how easy it is to get involved with this type of service on campus and the effects it has on the community. Anyone can provide compost for one of the weekly sessions and it's an easy way to give back to the campus community. Matthew told us that you can contribute for as long as you'd like, which can be as short as 30 minutes, or even 4 hours of composting. This is something I'm going to look into in the future as I feel it's an excellent way to diversify my involvement here on campus.

Another showcase presentation that I viewed was about how Ward 8 in southeast Washington D.C. is a food desert. I heard more about the great distances people have to walk in order to get to a grocery store and the struggle of carrying back bags for far too many family members. This food insecurity is something being stressed in a variety of different ways both here at GW and off-campus operations as well.

After hearing about these panels, I learned about some of of the ways I can get involved on campus in the GW community and give back. I'm so incredibly fortunate to be studying here at GW and I think partaking in community service and engagement efforts are a great way to help show how much I appreciate being a student here.
Question 1

The presentation that was most impactful to myself was the first presentation about the food shortage which college students face. This hit close to me because I feel as the the dining options at here at GW are very limited and do not offer the best prices or availability. Running out of GWorld is a problem which many students face and this is because of the expense options we have on GWorld and the lack of a dining hall which offers many different options of food for a lower price. This could be easliy solved by GW, but it seems like the problem will be persistent for the rest of my years here at GW.

Question 2

The session which I attended was the community engagement projects which were being presented by students. I thought it was very interesting to see how these students handled the different service sites which they worked at. One specifically that stood out to me was a service site similar to the one I worked at. The service site which the student I was talking to worked at was called Charlie's Place. The student seemed to do much of the same work as I did at SOME, but it was great to learn that there. Are many of these types of service sites which aid the community. This made me feel as though there is hope for the poverty in DC to decline.
1. The showcase presentation that was most impactful to me occurred was about homelessness and lack of support for elders in the Wharf and Navy Yard areas of DC. The presenter went into detail on how these communities of DC are forgetting about these groups because of the rapid development of the area. Recently, the Wharf and Navy Yard areas have exploded with new condominiums and apartments being built. These usually cater toward younger people, leaving the elderly out of the picture. There isn't even a hospital in these two areas, something necessary for supporting an elderly population.
2. I attended the Beyond Service: Social Change and Good Business session. The two panelists talked about social entrepreneurship and how the success of your business can impact the community in a positive way. I also learned that many non-profits can offer good work experience for a college student. Not only are you working on your skills for the business world, but also impacting the community you live in.
1) The presentation that impacted me the most was in room 301 and it was a discussion about the impact of creating documentaries and then how these documentaries can help impact the community in a variety of ways. During the presentation we saw documentaries on the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal, the plight of sex workers, and diversity in student government. I particularly enjoyed this presentation as it was one of the more interesting and engaging presentations.
2) At 2:30- 3:30 I attended the business panel where we learnt about two businesses who were set up to impact the community in a positive way. I learnt about how a GWSB student can use community engagement in order to create a business which can then impact the community in a positive way. The business I enjoyed in particular was the cheap and very high quality meals which we could receive through this business.