BADM 1002 19 First Year Development




1) The showcase presentation that was most impactful to me was the one where students worked in Spanish facilities where they helped young adults adapt to their new life after migration. This impacted me so heavily because I have no experience with migration and I know that it must be a very scary process to go through. These kids could barely speak English if not at all which shows that they came to the states only hoping for a better life. These facilities teach them important skills to succeed in America and to maintain stable jobs in the future.

2) The session that I attended was called "Beyond Service: Social Change as Good Business". I learned that service does not just include volunteering at a non-profit organization. Businesses can play a huge role in helping out the community if that is what they desire. I also learned that the best way to help the community in a business-related setting is to look at your own struggles and try to find a solution for them. Last Call, for example, was made by a GW student who experienced problems with the prices of food around the D.C. area, so she made a service that sells leftover food from restaurants for a fraction of the price.
1. The showcase presentation that was meaningful to me was the Spanish Student's presentation I attended. They went to several community centers and one of the presentations that stood out to me was when one of the students visited a domestic violence center. She started talking about some of the victims of domestic violence and struggles that they go through. I just found that informative and made me realize the importance of treating others with respect.

2. I attended the Social Change as Good Business. I found this session really interesting because when you enter the field of business, it is about maximizing the amount of money that you make. But, I learned in this session is that companies doing or participating in community service can actually benefit a company. I also learned of the importance in participating service and how that can be a useful when you apply for jobs.
Question #1: I was most impacted by the showcase that spoke on gentrification in Ward 5 and its effect on the senior citizens that have resided in the community for 50+ years. As a DC native who currently attends GW, I think it's important for GW and its constituents to learn about the communities outside of Foggy Bottom. Overall, it was amazing to see students take an interest in a pressing issue that has negatively impact my city in various ways.

Question #2: Of the six sessions, I attended "Working with Differences to Build Intersectional Relationships". In this session, the intersection of race, class, accessibility, and privilege was discussed in relation to the dynamics of living in DC. As someone whose existence is forged at these intersections, I learned that working together with those that don't live within those bounds can be beneficial to dismantle systems of oppression.
Question #1: My favorite presentation was titled, "Scholarly Genealogy of Employment and Criminal Records"done by Gwedolyn Loeber. She started off explaining that this was her main focus in her UW class and therefore spent a whole semester researching this topic. It discussed the detrimental affects of having a criminal record and trying to obtain jobs. She also discussed how this continues to systematically disenfranchise minority groups in the United States since they are usually the ones getting unfairly put in the criminal system. This topic was very intriguing to me because I have heard about this issue, but was never exposed to the actual facts and theories behind the problem.

Question #2: For my session I attended Social Change as Good Business. This was a super interesting topic about combining what you are passionate about into what you do for work. The idea that helping others in your line of work can make your life feel more meaningful. I also learned that community engaged scholarship can help you stand out when looking for a job.
1. The most impactful presentation to me was Martha's Table. This is because the presentation mentioned how big of a statement they make to create a difference one community at a time. Martha's table creates a healthy and positive environment for the people they are helping and the fact that I was fortunate enough to volunteer, I realized how big of impact or a difference my group and I made.

2. I attended the Explore New Pathways to Social Change session where I learned about the different kinds of public services. How accessible and easy it is to help and make a difference in the world through these public services.
Symposium Questions for Class Credit
The transsexual presentation in room 301 was the most powerful and impactful for me. to learn that there were violence and discrimination from family, friends, and strangers. I think it was impactful because the situations are so wrong to me and hurtful. it is in the community we live in and that's scary.

2. I attended the session in the ballroom where they discussed various community engagement initiatives including: a food waste reduction program called Last Call and a consulting firm for non profit organizations. I learned that the Nashman center has a lot of resources available if one wishes to create their own community engagement initiative.
1) I enjoyed the video presentation on hispanic women in different countries and the topic of migration. The video and presenter spoke in detail about women who are forced to migrate for survival and women who choose to migrate to better themselves. This was most impactful to me, because it made me realize how grateful I should be that I do not have to constantly worry about whether or not I am going to have to leave my home and everyone I know, in order to be successful enough to live a healthy life. I also like it because the speaker was passionate about women empowerment and I could see her come to life when she spoke about it, which made me think how important it is to have a passion for the service you do, because then you put a lot more time and effort into it.
2. I attended the session titled Social Change as Good Business which centralized around non profit service and how impactful it is especially when it coincides with your passion and your values. One aspect of the presentation that stuck with me, was the idea of connecting with every person you meet because every conversation may lead to a new opportunity in the future. Additionally, the speakers brought up their own personal experiences with service and talked about how beneficial it has been to both the people they are helping and to themselves. This was mainly because they have a yearning to help due to their interest in the mission of the service they are completing. I have also learned that community engaged scholarship can not only be a positive experience for yourself, but also for businesses, as many companies look for people who have completed service and people who are interested in aiding a specific cause or group of people.
The most impactful presentation was the National Wildlife Federation's presentation. Through which I learnt that we need to protect the wildlife. They also introduced different ways to brought up public's attention toward the wildlife reservation.
I attended Explore New Pathways to Social Change session which I learnt several pathways to Public Service.
1) The most impactful showcase presentation was the presentation on Martha’s Table. Thanks to this, I realized the size and magnitude of the actions of the company, and since I volunteered there, it made me realise the impact of my actions on the local community.

2) The session I attended was titled “Working with Differences to Build Intersectional Relationships”. In this session we discussed about the social factors that separate DC. This was interesting because it kind of showed the impact of race and class on social advantages.
Symposium Questions for Class Credit
Question #1 Which showcase presentation was most impactful to you and why? (Be sure to upload a picture)
Question #2 Which of the six sessions did you attend from 2:30-3:30? In your session, what was something new your learned about community engaged scholarship?