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BADM 1002 20 First Year Development




1. The most presentation that resigned with me the most was the "Yes She Can" non-profit's presentation. The "Yes She Can" foundation aims to empower and inspire young women who don't have the equal access to education by providing resources and professional development so that they can pursue their dreams. This presentation stood out to me the most, because I liked the founder's idea of using her own strengths and resources she has to help other young women who may not be as privileged.
2. I attended the Business session and heard Dylan Tally and Chloe King spoke about both of entrepreneurial initiatives. Something new that I learned from their presentation was "asset based" engagement, which is utilizing what the community already has to address social issues. This concept is important, because as business leaders, we should focus on what assets can be used further improve the environment, instead of just feeding in random things (like technology or devices) that may not even help address a community's issues.
1. The most impactful showcase presentation for me was the one that described the conditions of many people here in Washington D.C. and showed how organizations such as, "Martha's table" provide food and other necessities for those people. It was very impressive to discover that D.C. has one of the largest rates of unemployment for African Americans, and this helped me realize that there is a lot of things we can do in order to help those people in need that live so close to us.
2. I attended the Business session and something new that I learned was the impact non-profit organizations have on the community, and how fundamental they are for our personal experience, success, and growth. I realized that it is very important to help others, not only because it is positive for them, but also because it helps us too to grow as a person.
#1 the most impactful presentation was the SMPA documentaries. All three of the documentaries showcased a light to different aspect of the community. There was one documentary about a transgender women of color and she had a very powerful and shocking story.
#2 i attended the presentation in the continental ballroom and learned that that are many way to be a community engaged leader. One way to do that is start a business model that helps the environment while also helping the community have affordable meals such as the presentation on the Last Call.
1. The most impactful showcase presentation was "Housing Issues Facing Seniors in Ward 6" by Jessica Butehorn, Faith Arthur, Kelly Marx, Laura Miller, and Keaton Cooper. It was very relatable on many levels. Their introduction slide had a picture of the Blind Whino, a place I recently went to for a photoshoot. Throughout their presentation they mentioned the impact that gentrification has had on Ward 6 such that it has become a place for temporary stays of the wealthy, shifting from a primarily black to primarily white community. They also mentioned that Ward 6 has a lot of churches that are now blocked by bike lanes, so many families have been moving because they aren't able to park their cars. This idea of gentrification and bike lanes reminds me a lot of my own hometown in New York City. Places like Chinatown has forced seniors out while younger, wealthier white individuals have replaced the authenticity that existed. They mentioned that they would counter this problem by enforcing more government regulations that had been promised. This was empowering since it made me realize that other people also see this problem across the nation and that we as young adults can help to support. file:///Users/britgoh/Downloads/20190426_140713.jpg
2. I attended the Business session. Something I learned about community engaged scholarship was that taking part in a non-profit organization is not only a good step for the community but also one for your own personal branding and growth. By continuing to make a mark and talk to people about your passions, the littlest things you may think will not succeed could become something real.
1. The most impactful showcase presentation was on the CAIR coalition. To provide context, this non- profit organization offers legal and pro se (self-representation) assistance to the adult and child population that are at risk of detention and deportation in the DC area. It specifically seeks to help detained immigration and asylum seekers receive the rights they deserve, but are not guaranteed. It was striking to me how many immigrants are detained each year and their increasing need for representation since there is no right to appoint counsel in immigration court. Most immigrants flee their home countries for a variety of troubling reasons, but they all share a common goal: a better life for themselves and their families. Given that, I believed their entry to the U.S. would be swift and exemplary. The fact of the matter is I was quixotic. In order to be eligible for admission, immigrants need to prove their dire status in court, which be difficult due to a lack of representation, scarce resources and linguistic barriers. Without access to these resources, immigrants will never be able to overcome these injustices.
2. I attended the "Beyond Service-- Social Change as Good Business" session held at the Continental Ballroom. I learned about the importance of stepping outside your community or bubble. This can have a huge impact not just on your community but also yourself. By becoming aware of community issues and other peoples' realities, one is more likely to volunteer and seek solutions to alleviate societal problems. One of the presenters talked about how his community engagement service in freshman year encouraged him to start his community engagement consulting. Today, he's a senior and through his consulting business he continues to empower the less fortunate members of a community.
1. The most impactful showcase was the presentation on gentifrication in Ward 7. This was really interesting to me because as I received a lot of art education in New York City, a lot of my peers chose to document gentifricarion in their communities around New York such as places in Queens, the Bronx, etc. Through hearing classmates talk about how their own homes and their own communities were being affected by the upward trend of mass development, I became aware of how this problem affects so many sectors of public and community life. The culture fostered by a community becomes disrupted and rising prices strips people of their homes and makes the cost of living increase altogether. Seeing this presentation that focused on northeast DC which is so close to us was really interesting and I definitely think the negative and detrimental effects of genterification needs more attention.
2. I learned that consulting can be an avenue that aligns with community engagement. I also learned how important social change is an important component to businesses, it is important to look out for the community and become really engaged with life around us. It was really interesting to see the different perspectives on community engagement and how it impacts so many different people.
Symposium Questions for Class Credit
Question #1 Which showcase presentation was most impactful to you and why? (Be sure to upload a picture)
Question #2 Which of the six sessions did you attend from 2:30-3:30? In your session, what was something new your learned about community engaged scholarship?
Hello BADM 1002 Students! If you need help finding a place to serve this link from the Nashman Center has multiple pages of organizations that GW Students have served with in Community Engaged Classes there are also links to each community partner's website so you can learn more about the organization and opportunities that they have for service feel free to reach out if you have any questions.