Hopecam, is a 501c3 non-profit charity with the mission of using voice over Internet technology to help children with cancer overcome the burden of social isolation. By virtually connecting these children with their friends over a video conferencing application, Hopecam decreases the loneliness and anxiety they experience during this frightening time. We provide the child with a tablet computer equipped with a webcam, Internet access in the home if the child is without, then work with the child's school to persuade them to establish a regular connection with the child during which the child can participate in classroom activities, and see and talk with their friends.

Although the Hopecam Connection is often used by classroom, homebound and hospital teachers to provide instruction, we consider this an added benefit. Hopecam's mission is to allow children to socialize, sharing the normal events and conversations of childhood from celebrating a birthday to checking out who has lost a tooth. Our goal is to bridge the social divide between children during this frightening time and ultimately ease the transition back to school. Other benefits of Hopecam include being used by the child's medical team to check in remotely. For children who are being treated far from home, Hopecam provides a way to stay in touch with loved ones and support networks.
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