BADM 1002 17 First Year Development




2. In the composting presentation, the presenters told their personal service stories and were honest about the impact these had on them. During my service, I assisted kids with composting and it was nice to hear how my experience related to someone else's'. They described as their experience being very valuable due to the fact they developed their communication skills and also helped their community will doing so.
1. I attended the showcase presentation that showed documentaries as a tool to incentive community engagement. Learning how these documentaries were created and produced with the purpose of raising awareness through engaging media, not ordinary posters and lectures, was interesting.
The most impactful showcase presentation that I visited was Autumn Thompson's DCCK DC Central Kitchen presentation. She participated in a Nutrition lab in northeast of DC about 30 minutes away. She delivered meals using leftovers recovered from the presidential inauguration. She felt that she was giving back and volunteering. I think that this was the most impactful thing to me that I because I could tell that she enjoyed the project. I also found that she was actually impactful to her organization, as oftentimes people just do community service for the sake of writing it on a resume. In my session I learned from Dillon that hardworking pays off and in order to succeed you need to invest your time. I also learned that I should not feel intimidated that I am not involved in as many school activities as I should be.
1. I watched a video on the life of a transgender individual in DC who was so desperate for money that she was forced to be involved in sex work. The hardships she faced were unimaginable, including a time where she was stabbed in her right shoulder during an attempted homicide. This really brought into perspective the varying lives within DC and how there is much that needs to be done to help others within our community.
2. I attended the business session and learned that there is a huge difficulty at GW for students to afford meals and people are taking action to help.
1. Martha’s table was most impactful for me because it involves the youth of America, along with healthy eating, and education around it, which is something I am passionate about.

2. I attended the business discussion where two GW seniors talked about their startup non profit. One thing that stuck out to me was the motivation these students have to put in such an incredible amount of work to take their simple passion and transform it into a company that functions to assist others. I also learned how crucial it is to be extremely passionate about whatever idea you are trying to pursue, because there will be so many people whom will try to tell you that your idea is wrong, and impossible.
Which showcase presentation was most impactful to you and why?
origination that helps incarcerated men get an education. This was the first time I see an organization that helps the people in these situations and I found it interesting. The speaker explained his experience with working with the inmates and how they use the pen pal system to help them higher their literacy. I found this to be a great idea because it helps the inmates with for after they are done with their time, they become more educated and that is fundamental in order for them to grow.

Which of the six sessions did you attend from 2:30-3:20? In your session, what was something new you learned about community-engaged scholarship?
For the session from 2:30 to 3:30 I attended the Last Call presentation. Similar to Martha's Table they’re the goal is to provide food to the people in need. They take the food that would be thrown to waste and distribute it. From this, I was able to learn that community-engaged scholarship is based on donations from nonprofit organizations. In Last Call’s case they pushing to stop food desserts and help the poor with providing them food.
The most impactful showcase I went to was the presentation where students created video documentaries of real world issues. One of the videos I saw was about the Pope and the sex scandal that he was involved in and the other was about a trans sex worker and the struggles that she faces everyday. These two documentaries were both very different but also eye opening for me to learn about issues that I hadn't thought about before. I also liked the way they presented them through the form of videos which made it more interesting to follow.

I also attended the asset based community engagement session which I really enjoyed. I learned a lot about the opportunity to serve the community through business. These opportunities allow you to develop your business skills while also bettering the community which is the name of the game.
I attended the documentaries showcase presentation and realised how I never thought of documentaries as a way to be engaged in the community, although they are a great way to spread awareness and get more people to help. One documentary about a trans sex worker of colour and her experiences particularly impacted me as it was a very hard documentary to watch.
I then attended the session where panellists talked about how basic business skills were needed in non-profits, I learned how I could have an impact as I am still a student and how valuable and rewarding experiences from non-profits are.
1. I attended the documentary presentation and got the opportunity to see different students showcase issues that have occurred and they want to bring light to. One student made a documentary about the clergy sex scandal in the Catholic Church and this was very impactful as I know a lot of family members who attend the Catholic Church regularly. This made me see how documentaries can be one of the best ways of community engagement since visuals can be a lot more intriguing for people while you're trying to shed light on an issue that's going on in a community.
2. From 2:30 - 3:30, I attended the session where they spoke about two non-profits and asset-based community engagement. It was great to hear how they were able to use resources that GW provided to launch their organization. This is something that I didn't know existed and is something I will definitely keep in mind going forward.
The most impactful showcase presentation for me was Working Retail at Martha's table. It's about COMM1041, which is a class that i will be attending next semester. It showed me about the importance of volunteers in a community and I am very touched.

During 2:30 and 3:30, I went to the session in which leaders of Last Call and community Engaged Consulting presented on the initiatives that they have started with Chloe King, who did the presentation about her company named Last Wall. It is a company that promoted unsold food from restaurants and given to the community. I was told that 50% of the food that restaurants use in their place ends up going to waste. It just offer opportunities to many members of the community with food that is wasted and I am very impressed by it.