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UW 1020 M 27 University Writing Environmental Justice


CourseUW 1020: UW 1020 M 27 University Writing - (41611)

Environmental Justice in Washington, D.C.

As a community engaged scholarship course, this class combines academic learning about environmental justice with real-world experiences in environmental activism and earth stewardship.

In the classroom, we will explore the environmental justice movement and the history of the environment in Washington DC. Is a clean environment a human right? How do environmental justice speakers act and sound differently from the traditional environmental movement? What kinds of writing and communication can motivate changes in the urban landscape? What types of environmental movements are happening around DC right now? How can we each help to address our city’s environmental challenges through service and action?

Through placements with our community partners, you will explore these questions in lived contexts while helping to meet authentic needs of DC-area environmental organizations. This class is for you if you are interested in environmental debates, psychology, social change, or political activism; and if you want to connect with the local DC community, gain real professional experiences, and serve the environment.

Like all UW courses, the assignments in this class will help you to develop key skills for writing in other university classes: assessing audience and genre expectations, selecting meaningful topics, analyzing texts closely, building arguments from scholarly research, telling compelling stories about people and data, and integrating evidence into your writing.

(Spring 2019Online)
Semester:Spring 2019
Sustainable Development Goals
25 People | 128 Impacts | 344 Hours