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COMM 1041 Interpersonal Communication


CourseCOMM 1041: COMM 1041 Interpersonal Communication - TR 4:45-6:00pm, (40876)
The purpose of this course is to provide students an opportunity to develop an understanding of the theories
and principles of interpersonal communication simultaneous within a service-learning environment.
(Spring 2019Traditional)
Semester:Spring 2019
CausesCivic Engagement Community General Service Research
27 People | 213 Impacts | 463 Hours

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Posting these to your class wall as well.

1. Here is the link to the power point that walks you step by step though the process of submitting your hours "impacts" click the speakers if you want audio

2. Here is the link to the symposium information on how tp present and helpful tipes and photos

3. Here is the link to Register for the symposium (this is where you will indicate if you are eating lunch with us, the title of your presentation etc.

Need help with anything else? Finding please reach out via this message or email or phone-happy to help. See you on the 26th!