Hey GW! My name is Lyndsey Gallagher + I am the ambassador for GWU CHAARG! I am SO passionate about CHAARG  + about how it can positively transform your college experience. I originally joined CHAARG to meet girls who loved working out just as much as I did. However, CHAARG soon grew to mean so much more to me! It completely changed my outlook on life + introduced me to the strongest + most empowering girls I know. GWU CHAARG goes beyond health + fitness, it is truly about becoming the best version of yourself. CHAARG is about self-love, empowerment, confidence + taking a holistic approach to health. The GWU CHAARG community will always be there to support you through your entire college experience- your ups//downs, your successes//downfalls, + everything in between. I hope that CHAARG can become a part of your journey to your best possible self! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!
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