Phi Sigma Sigma


Phi Sigma Sigma was the first nonsectarian sorority: the only one that was open to diverse membership from its inception and the only one with a ritual that was not based in scripture.

Under the leadership of Fay Chertkoff (our first chapter archon), the Alpha Chapter was installed at Hunter College. The Founders' first objective was to establish the twin ideals: “The brotherhood of man and the alleviation of the world's pain.” Each woman extended herself to her greatest capacity to live up to the standards the group chose. They attained high scholastic standing, developed intense bonds, and each served in philanthropic activities, donating to a variety of charities consistent with Phi Sigma Sigma's twin ideals and nonsectarian trait.

Phi Sigma Sigma at GW hosts various philanthropy events, including a Casino Night and a field day on the National Mall to raise money and awareness for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation and the Kids in Need Foundation. This foundation helps underprivileged children prepare for school readiness with the supplies that they need to succeed. Our chapter is heavily involved in other philanthropic events that are hosted by other Greek chapters and our sisters are always enthusiastic to help with the cause.

Our chapter here at GW, the Kappa Chapter, fully embodies the ideals that were set before us from our first Archon and Alpha Chapter. Although our sisters are involved in various leadership roles and organizations throughout campus in addition to Phi Sigma Sigma, we all still have one thing in common- the bond our sisterhood has created. Our sisters always have a great time together and love being surrounded by a supporting, empowering, and genuine group of women.

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