DC Bilingual Public Charter School



Founded in 2004, DC Bilingual provides an innovative dual immersion Spanish and English learning program for all students, regardless of their home language. Through our rigorous academic curriculum, comprehensive arts, technology, and athletics programs, and our celebration of diverse cultures, DC Bilingual students learn the skills and values they need to become influential participants in their community.

DC Bilingual Public Charter School is a learning community that ensures high academic achievement for all students in both Spanish and English, develops leadership, and values all cultures.

To expertly combine rigorous academics with rich school culture as we prepare the next generation for success on a global scale. Our vision is supported by our two-way immersion curriculum by:
  • Enabling students to achieve fluency in English and Spanish while developing strong academic skills Building thinking and reasoning skills for problem-solving in math and science Creating a learning environment that respects linguistic and cultural diversity
  • Fostering a sense of community and cross-cultural understanding
  • Promoting family support and involvement
All students are first, second or third language learners and all students have the opportunity to be both language learners and language models for their peers.

Literacy, including reading and writing, is taught in Spanish and English for all students. Math is taught entirely in English, and Science is taught entirely in Spanish. English literacy is infused with Social Studies content, and Spanish literacy supports learning in Science.
Sustainable Development Goals
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