No Lost Generation George Washington University


No Lost Generation GW is a student group tasked by the United States Department of State to support those affected by the ongoing refugee crisis and ensure that this generation of displaced refugees is not lost. Our current objectives include raising awareness, fundraising, raising in-kind donations, volunteering and creating education resources for refugees. NLG-GW's main issue areas are refugee education and well-being of young refugees, however it also also engages with programming that supports refugee communities broadly. 

NLG-GW hopes to serve as a model for future collaborations between the US government and university students across the country. By combining the network power of university students with the resources and expertise of the State Department, we hope to connect students with opportunities to support humanitarian efforts working to ensure a generation of refugees is not deprived of the universal right to education.

8 People | 1 Impact | 200 Hours | 4,712 Total Economic Impact