Ward 8 Woods Conservancy



The Ward 8 Woods Conservancy, a  grassroots environmental organization that works to rejuvenate and enhance the beauty, ecological health, and public use of the more than 500 acres of forest in the Ward 8, the poorest and most neglected section of Washington, DC. We envision a future in which all Washingtonians enjoy clean air, clean water, and connection to the natural world and history in safe, well-maintained parks. By taking care of this small piece of the earth, we we our part in the global struggle for a livable planet for generations to come. 

Over the past eight years, our volunteers and paid crews have removed over 125 tons of trash from the woods and cut invasive vines from over 1,000 trees, but our work is just beginning.  

 This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for those who want to work outside, be physically active and immediately see the impact of their work. Locations vary but are mostly Metro accessible. 

We have regularly schedule volunteer events but are also happy to accommodate your schedule.

To volunteer contact Nathan at nathan@ward8woods.org
24 People | 16 Impacts | 41 Hours

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