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BADM 1002 First Year Development


CourseBADM 1002: BADM 1002 First Year Development - TBA, (30691)
Community development is a key focus area for the First Year Development Program. During the spring semester, first year business students will have the opportunity to engage in a community development project with a small group within their FYDP class.
  • Gain community engagement experience that may be integrated into your GWSB approved resume.
  • Demonstrate cultural competency and civility in interacting with diverse poulations.
  • Describe how the intersecting social identities of oneself and others shape life experiences and access to resources and opportunities.
  • Identify the ways in which social identity, power and privilege vary across microcosms of the Washington DC Community
(Spring 2019 Traditional - Project)
Semester:Spring 2019
CausesProfessional Development

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