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PT 8481 Interprofessional Community Practicum

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


CoursePT 8481: PT 8481 Interprofessional Community Practicum - TBA, (61288)
Doctorate of Physical Therapy students select a community engaged partnership team to work on. Each team works directly with a community partner in the DC Metro community that addresses health in underserved communities in some form. The projects come from identified needs within the organization and the students help to meet those needs with the help of mentorship from faculty advisors. Community partners provide feedback on the project during and at the completion. (Summer 2019 Traditional - Deliverable)
Semester:Summer 2019
CausesCommunity Economic Development Education Health Persons with Disabilities Professional Development Research Special Needs
41 People | 132 Impacts | 415 Hours

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Hello PT 8481 and thanks for serving this summer! Apologies for the mass email. We've got roughly 32 people who've logged ho and submitted them to Prof. Wentzell for verification-unfortunately that does a few things that trips the system up since with direct service classes the Prof. does not approve the hours for the class- but instead the site you serve with. If you submitted hours please re-check. You need to tag the organization for hours verification in addition to your class-it looks like the majority of you tagged the class. Take a look at the power point here let me know if you need help and I can walk you through it on the phone or over email. If you don't see your service provider listed please click the "I can't find it" button and the system will prompt you to enter the organization and approvals.

Thank you!
Hello Professor Wentzell's Class!

It was great to see some of your presentations today and it looks like 21 of you are now members of the class so almost everyone is on the portal. This link takes you to the powerpoint -it has screen shots and if you want/need audio as well just click the speaker on each photo. Reminder! The biggest thing to remember is to check the box for this class when you serve so that Prof. Wentzell can see your hours AND you need to add your community partner in the post as well -this helps no only with hours verification but also helps greatly for your class to see how many wards you've served in and where (and helps us for overall GW data as well on service) so please check both when you submit your hours. (if you just check the class box it will look like all your hours were served on campus. Reach out if you need any help! -Rachel