School Without Walls High School



The School Without Walls High School is located in Washington D.C. on the campus of George Washington University. The collegiate environment is a result of the long-term partnership with the university that has yielded many benefits for both communities. The newest manifestation of this partnership is the joint Associate of Arts program. Select students can spend their junior and senior years as full-time George Washington University (GWU) students and earn both a high school diploma from School Without Walls and an Associates of Arts degree from GWU. Known to many as simply “Walls,” the community fosters formal and informal relationships among students, faculty, administration, families, GWU, and our partners.

Walls' mission is built upon values. From admissions and alumni outreach, to public service and international exchange, to performance on page, stage, and field, all activities are structured to foster creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, love of learning, persistence, responsible global citizenship, and appreciation of excellence.
360 People | 272 Impacts | 4,381 Hours