HIST 2020W Washington DC History, Culture and Politics

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Washington DC History, Culture and Politics is a unique course that promotes civic engagement through varied activities, including service learning, archival research, writing (as well as revising) interpretations of local urban history, and finally the presentation of a city's past to the community that now inhabits it. Over the semester, students will undertake a collective historical documentation project focusing on a Washington neighborhood (Foggy Bottom) over time. They will utilize area historical collections and partner with community organizations to examine and write up the history of specific DC sites, and ultimately present their findings at public venues and/or online. The service component will thus be historical in nature and involve an engagement with community organizations both during the research as well as the delivery of the students' final written documentation.

(Traditional - Engaged Research)
HIST 2020W: Washington DC History, Culture and Politics - (33173)
Spring 2019
44 People | 29 Impacts | 64 Hours

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