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SOCY 2105 Social Problems in America

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


CourseSOCY 2105: Social Problems in America - M/W 9:35-10:50, (27040)

This class will examine the concept of social problems and many specific social problems that are widely recognized as features of American society. We will analyze the major theoretical explanations of critical social problems, the ideological framework in which those theories are rooted, and the policy implications of these perspectives. We will attempt to assess how and why different actors (e.g. public officials, corporate executives, college professors) define social problems and act on their competing perspectives. Hopefully, the class will assist students in shaping their personal responses to those problems affecting their lives and their communities.

(Fall 2018 Traditional - Placement)
Semester:Fall 2018
CausesArts & Culture Civic Engagement Community Economic Development Education Food Insecurity, Hunger General Service Non-Profit Business Services Nutrition Older Adults Professional Development Research STEM Social Justice
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1) Lunch Session: After viewing the GW Theatre students’ presentation, what do you think about the role of the arts in social change? Has your service experience ever led you to also do advocacy?

-I think that the arts can give people who have not experienced social issues a look into the different things that affect others that they don't experience. I thought that the theatre group could have done a better job in discussing the specifics and making it more personal. I think it is important to be an advocate for social change in things that you are passionate about, however I have not found something that I am passionate about, but as a person that puts all her effort into things, I feel as though when I find a passion project, I will advocate on its behalf.

2) Showcase Session: Which showcase presentation was your favorite and why?

-I attended the showcases that were in room 309. My favorite of the presentations in there was on Higher Education and Job Training in DC, specifically in Ward 8. The presenters were passionate and educated on the issues and I felt as though they put a great deal of effort into their presentations.

3) Panel Session: Which session did you choose? What was discussed that you can connect to what you learned in your community-engaged scholarship course this semester?

-I chose to attend Art As Social Action. I thought that this was a different way to present social problems in a way that isn’t usually shown. I thought that the life pieces to master pieces did a great job about talking about the systematic oppression of young african american men which we discuss in class. The oppression that we learn about can not be seen in the direct engagement that I partake in for my community service project, but throughout the parents that are present at the events.
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6) Questions? From GWServes, message your course administrator, Rachel Talbert.

Prompts for response: Please share a few thoughts about each of these sessions today.

1) Lunch Session: After viewing the GW Theatre students’ presentation, what do you think about the role of the arts in social change? Has your service experience ever led you to also do advocacy?

2) Showcase Session: Which showcase presentation was your favorite and why?

3) Panel Session: Which session did you choose? What was discussed that you can connect to what you learned in your community-engaged scholarship course this semester?
Last day to Register to attend or present at the Nashman symposium is tomorrow. All faculty and students register at this link Thank you and see you next Friday December 7th 12-3:45 at the Marvin Center!
Registration Deadline this Friday 11/30 2 Weeks ‘til Nashman Center Symposium on Community Engaged Scholarship! (And don’t forget survey completion for class pizza competition)
Thanks for all the scholarly work that you are doing in CES courses as the semester winds down it matters greatly to our community. 2 weeks remain until the symposium but registration closes for presenters and those attending the symposium this Friday. You can register or update your registration at this link Many timely topics this year at the symposium-Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Health Care Inequities in Wards 7 & 8, sustainability, housing scarcity, arts and the scholarship of engagement, issues east of the river, school partnerships and community service, mental health, self care, elder care, food insecurity and so much more. Don’t forget to sign up if you are attending any portion of the symposium-although we hope that you’ll join us for the free lunch and theater performance at noon and stay through the end of the day at 3:45.
If you are presenting as a group-don’t forget to have all group members register and use the same presentation title in their form.
We don’t yet have a class at 100% Survey Completion for the pizza delivery in class next week so if you haven’t filled your survey out yet make sure you do so at this link – we’ll announce the winner Friday!
We hope you are having a great semester in your Community-Engaged Scholarship course. From everyone at the Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service: thank you for everything you are doing for our community! We’d like to take just 3 minutes of your time for a brief, confidential survey about your experience in this course. Collecting student feedback on these courses is important so we want to make it worth your time too: the first two courses to have 100% of the students complete the survey will have pizza delivered in class. Survey at link:
4 Weeks until Nashman Symposium On Community Engaged Scholarship
Last week we highlighted the theater performance from Dr. Jacobsen’s class that will take place during lunch-This week we want to highlight the showcase sessions that will happen immediately following lunch. These sessions are amazing and give students or small groups of students the chance to highlight what they’ve learned as attendees walk the galleries and grab dessert along the way. Check out the great photos from the Spring Showcase!
If your class isn’t presenting we still encourage you to attend to support your colleagues engaged in community engaged scholarship and there’s an option in the registration to choose that you are only attending and not presenting.
We have several classes and individuals that are participating-If your class is listed below then you are presenting please don’t forget to register and put your presentation title and presentation type on the registration form. Register here at the link registrations must be complete by Friday November 30th please register today!
• COMM 1041: Interpersonal Communication (Instr: Abbie Weiner)
• HSCI 2110: Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (Instr: Maranda Ward)
• HSSJ 1100: Introduction to Human Services and Social Justice (Instr: Wendy Wagner)
• HSSJ 3100W: Program Planning and Evaluation (Instr: Michelle Kelso)
• HSSJ 3152: Fact, Field, Fiction (Instr: Emily Morrison)
• HSSJ 4198: Citizen Leadership, Civic House Scholars Program (Instr: Wendy Wagner)
• SMPA 4190 Senior Capstone: Online Journalism Workshop (Instr: Imani M. Cheers)
We are one month away from the symposium and you are invited!

As students in Community Engaged Scholarship courses many of you may already know about the Nashman Center Symposium on Community Engaged Scholarship but we want to take the opportunity to formally invite you to participate.

There is one link to register for the event whether you are attending to present your work, attending for class credit, or just attending to learn please join us to learn about and support the work of students in Community Engaged Scholarship courses!

If you are presenting and attending please make sure you complete the full registration including the title of your presentation.

The Symposium starts at noon on Friday December 7th with free lunch on the 3rd floor of the Marvin Center and a lunchtime presentation from the students in Dr. Leslie Jacobsen’s Community Engaged Course Theatre for Social Change (TRDA 3131W).

We hope you’ll join us for the entire symposium from 12-3:45 on Friday December 7th! Full schedule so far is here

Thanks for doing research and service that strengthens our community.

Nashman Center Community Engaged Scholarship Team