Garrison Elementary School



Our Mission
Garrison Elementary School is a public elementary school in the Shaw/Logan Circle neighborhood. We are a small, community-based school that offers its students a personalized learning environment. Our mission is to create a nurturing environment that supports student academic and social learning. Through work and play, students learn to work together and discover their capabilities to meet high expectations. Our goal is to create thoughtful, intelligent students through a rigorous and relevant curriculum.

Our Culture

Our three school norms are: Respect yourself, Respect others, Respect your environment.

We create our school by establishing shared expectations of kindness and respect, teaching social skills through positive behavior systems, and building strong family connections. Our upper grades participate in an innovative "house system" where students across grades K-5 earn rewards based on their academic and behavioral performance.
Our partnership with The Flamboyan Foundation strengthens our relationships with families, provides opportunities for community building, and enables us to work as partners in children's learning and growth.  Every student has the option to receive a home visit where classroom teachers meet students in their homes or community to get to know the family outside of the school environment. Three times per year, our families meet as a class to set goals for each child's learning and development. This is a time when parents learn how to assist their students at home beyond a typical parent-teacher conference.  

We are proud of our diversity and honor all of the things that make us the same and different. We strive to be the neighborhood school that meets the needs of its diverse families and neighbors. We welcome new families while honoring the deep traditions of families that have come here for generations.

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