Miner Elementary School



Miner Elementary is named for Myrtilla Miner, an educator who led the way for the education of African-American girls and women.  In 1851, with support from Henry Ward Beecher and Quaker Philanthropists, she founded the Normal School for Colored Girls, the first school for young African-American women.  Also known as the Miner Normal School, the institution focused on teacher education. Despite controversy, the school endured, becoming a DC Public School, and then ultimately merging with other institutions to form the University of the District of Columbia.

While the demographics of Miner Elementary has expanded to be inclusive of families with diverse ethnic, racial, religious, gender and national backgrounds, the mission to provide a world-class education for our students has not fundamentally changed since 1851.

The Miner school community continues its evolution towards Myrtilla Miner’s “radical” vision that all of our students today deserve the quality education that she envisioned in 1851. We add to her vision our own daily commitment, dedication, talent and sweat equity. In doing so, we adopt her vision and make it a reality for our students and community in today’s world.
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