Life Pieces to Masterpieces



Life Pieces To Masterpieces uses artistic expression and our Human Development System to develop character, unlock potential, and prepare African American boys and young men to transform their lives and community.

Who we are at Life Pieces to Masterpieces will always be, first and foremost, the remarkable boys and young men we serve. Life Pieces To Masterpieces is uniquely successful in bringing our Apprentices' highest good and most authentic selves to the forefront through our intentional environment of love, security, and expression. Who we are lies in our commitment to our Human Development System and our expectation that all who touch our mission – apprentices, teachers, mentors, staff, volunteers, and community partners – will commit to their own journey of personal growth and character development. This has led to a powerful organizational culture and an exceptional team that embraces vulnerability, shared humanity, and commitment to social justice.

Sustainable Development Goals
80 People | 895 Impacts | 2,452 Hours