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FOCUS supports the diverse set of public charter schools in DC by advocating for and strengthening autonomy, equity, and quality.


Quality public school choices for every DC student.

Advocacy and Communications

As the principal advocate for DC’s public charter schools, FOCUS is a constant presence at city hall, educating elected officials and policy makers about the strength of public charter schools and advocating for their most important needs: equitable public funding, access to facilities, and protecting their autonomy.

School Quality

FOCUS is one of the few organizations in the District that collects, analyzes, and reports annual performance information on all public schools—charter and traditional. Our online data center is a unique and valuable resource for everyone concerned with school quality, from the public and the media to policy makers and public charter school leaders.

School Services

FOCUS offers an array of school services, from its startup program—which provides aspiring public charter school leaders with the tools and guidance necessary for creating successful charter school applications and opening outstanding schools—to its consulting and training programs that highlight best practices for strengthening school performance in areas such as curriculum development, labor law, and data utilization.

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