Serve Your City/Ward 6 Mutual Aid



We are guided by the principle of “Solidarity, not Charity.” We, the community, keep us safe for our common survival and well-being and share a common responsibility.

Serve Your City’s mission is to provide life-changing experiences and opportunities for under-resourced Washington, D.C. students. It aims to make sure Black and Brown students receive the same opportunities their White counterparts receive. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SYC co-created the DC Mutual Aid Network, which is the central and only mutual aid network in the city, and is acting as the lead organizer for mutual aid in Ward 6 and beyond. With dozens of mostly Black- and Brown-led community organizations leading the work, the DC Mutual Aid Network is a community-led effort to safely support community members hardest hit by the pandemic. The network is a grassroots, trauma-informed response to the pandemic for the most vulnerable and under-resourced communities in Washington, DC. Members of these communities are disproportionately African Americans, People of Color, and those who have recently immigrated to the United States, and bear the burden of systemic poverty, racism, and environmental injustice. The mutual aid network is providing life-saving supplies, food, and PPE. You can read more about our mutual aid programming here.

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