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University Writing: Writing for Social Change in DC

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


CourseWriting 2020W: University Writing: Writing for Social Change in DC - M/W 10:00am-11:15am, F 10:00am-10:50am, (32110)
Our city is a powerful place to learn how to read structures of power and mobilize for change. Washington, D.C. houses the world's most powerful political leaders and institutions.  Yet, just a few miles from the National Mall, children rush home from school to avoid being shot.  They try to finish their math problems while their empty stomachs ache. In this service-learning course, you will partner with DC community leaders who address social inequities in areas such housing, education, criminal justice, and the environment.  In class, we will analyze local sites to learn how to research and write for community action: How do community leaders discover and name the systems that reproduce inequalities? How do they choose the right course of action? How do they mobilize people to respond? How can you contribute to this work? You will write for both academic and public audiences. (Spring 2018Traditional)
Semester:Spring 2018
CausesEconomic Development General Education Marginalized Populations
27 People | 97 Impacts | 319 Hours