Community Building Community


Community Building Community (CBC) is an early move-in program that allows first-year students to experience DC beyond the monuments. For three days, students will travel to different DC neighborhoods and complete service projects accompanied by an upperclassman guide. Students will also attend a talk about chronic homeless by the National Coalition for the Homeless Speakers' Bureau, and participate in a workshop series focused on civic leadership and community engagement.

Through service projects and reflections, students will be able to connect with other first-year students and get an introduction to the service community at GW. CBC allows students to step outside of Foggy Bottom and to understand their role in the greater DC community. CBC is a great opportunity to be involved in a program that will set the tone for undergraduate community engagement and a lifelong commitment to service.

CBC's program includes:

  • Service projects at two different DC partner sites

  • Group dinners and reflections after service

  • National Coalition for the Homeless Speakers' Bureau presentation

  • Interactive workshop series on a variety of topics

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