You Voted, What Now?

Last date was Thursday, February 4th, 2021 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm (ET)
This has ended. If you attended, let the organizer know by recording your Impact!


You Voted, What Now? is a series of sessions centered on actions the GW community can take post-election. Voting is only one form of civic engagement and these sessions will provide guidance and resources on how to get involved in the six pathways of public service and engagement. 

Thursday, November 12 - Community Organizing and Activism
Youth Changemaker Panel: Panelist will share their stories, discuss their current activism work, and share tips and best practices on how to make reciprocal and sustainable change through activism. Part of the 2020 Diversity Summit - Register to Attend Here Instead.

Monday, January 18 - Direct Dive Into Service

As part of MLK Day of Service and King Week, this workshop will cover some of the ways students can get involved with direct service and how directly diving into your community is the first step in having a foundational knowledge and experience to further create social change post-election. Come learn about over 15 direct ways you can serve virtually this Spring and work alongside your DC community. Register Here Instead as Part of MLK DAY

Tuesday, January 26 - Leveraging Academic Knowledge & Skills in Community Engagement
While many faculty encourage students to gain “real world experience” to prepare them for their professional careers, academic skills like critical thinking, creative expression, effective writing, problem solving, and doing research, are imperative for being an effective, active citizen in a diverse democracy. Let’s talk about how your engagement with the community can leverage your knowledge and skills to increase the value you contribute and your ability to be a change agent.

Presented by Dr. Wendy Wagner and Dr. Rachel Talbert, this session will focus on Community-Engaged Scholarship.

Thursday, February 4 - Innovating Change through Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility 

Join the GWupstart team as guest panelists share how professionals in the Corporate Social Responsibility work space and Social Entrepreneurs are innovating change. This session will focus on the importance on community partnerships and creating change from within existing structures.

Presented by Dania Castro, Program Manager for Social Innovation, this session will focus on innovative ways to make social change. 

POSTPONED - Policy and Governance - The Transition
Presented by Amy Cohen, Executive Director, Nashman Center and special guests talking about the experience of agencies during a presidential transition. We will be joined by Anna Hartge, GW Career, who is a veteran of US Dept of Education transitions, GW alums, and the Partnership for Public Service. Discussion will focus on the process of what happens when an administration changes and how it might affect policy and your job search.

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