Workshop: Unconscious Bias: When Good People Contradict Our Own Values

Saturday, September 12th, 2020 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm (ET)


Description: What is Unconscious Bias and how does it impact our decision making even without us realizing it?  How does Unconscious Bias contribute to bias incidents, even when we have the best of intentions to serve others?  What can we do to become aware of our Unconscious Bias and take steps to prevent it from supporting words and actions that are not in line with our personal and professional values? Please join us for an outcomes-oriented and interactive training that will help all of us understand and fight Unconscious Bias.  All are welcome!

Learning Objectives: *Participants will be able to explain what is meant by Unconscious Bias. *Participants will be able to describe how Unconscious Bias is measured via the Implicit Association Test. *Participants will be able to differentiate between Unconscious Bias and Conscious Bias. *Participants will be able to describe at least three promising practices for fighting Unconscious Bias.

Key Terminology: Unconscious Bias, Implicit Bias, Implicit Association Test, Social Categorization

Duration: 90 minutes Format: WebEx facilitated discussion, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation. Break-out sessions, with Q&A throughout via WebEx chat. 

Sponsored by GW Multicultural Student Services Center
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