Messages from the Mountaintop - Speaker Registration

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 from 10:00am to 4:00pm


The Multicultural Student Services Center is looking for GW students, faculty and staff volunteers to lend their powerful voices at our 7th Annual "Messages From The Mountaintop" as part of KING Week.

On Wednesday, January 15, 2020 we invite the GW Community to join us in Kogan Plaza as we recite excerpts from some of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s most poignant and powerful speeches that he delivered during the Civil Rights Movement. Each speech excerpt takes approximately 5 to 7 minutes to read.

Please fill in the form below to select your time and we will send you your assigned message.

Thanks so much in advance for volunteering and we looking forward to seeing you and hearing you lend your powerful voice from the mountaintop in remembrance of Dr. King's Legacy.

If there are any additional questions about this event please email us at or
call us at 202-994-MSSC(6772).

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Opens Dec 19, 2019 12:00am
Registration Closes
Jan 14, 2020 12:00am or when space runs out.

Shifts (36)

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ShiftStart TimeEnd TimeRegistrants Needed
SPEAKER 110:00am (ET)10:10am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 210:10am (ET)10:20am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 310:20am (ET)10:30am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 410:30am (ET)10:40am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 510:40am (ET)10:50am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 610:50am (ET)11:00am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 711:00am (ET)11:10am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 811:10am (ET)11:20am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 911:20am (ET)11:30am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 1011:30am (ET)11:40am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 1111:40am (ET)11:50am (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 1211:50am (ET)12:00pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 1312:00pm (ET)12:10pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 1412:10pm (ET)12:20pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 1512:20pm (ET)12:30pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 1612:30pm (ET)12:40pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 1712:40pm (ET)12:50pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 1812:50pm (ET)1:00pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 191:00pm (ET)1:10pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 201:10pm (ET)1:20pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 211:20pm (ET)1:30pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 221:30pm (ET)1:40pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 231:40pm (ET)1:50pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 241:50pm (ET)2:00pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 252:00pm (ET)2:10pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 262:10pm (ET)2:20pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 272:20pm (ET)2:30pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 282:30pm (ET)2:40pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 292:40pm (ET)2:50pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 302:50pm (ET)3:00pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 313:00pm (ET)3:10pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 323:10pm (ET)3:20pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 333:20pm (ET)3:30pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 343:30pm (ET)3:40pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 353:40pm (ET)3:50pm (ET)1/1Over
SPEAKER 363:50pm (ET)4:00pm (ET)1/1Over