LGBTQIA+ Health and Advocacy Conference (LHAC)

Saturday, January 18th, 2020 from 9:30am to 3:00pm (ET)


Event Description
The theme of the conference, “We’re still here” highlights the importance of understanding the impact of anti-LGBT policies and demonstrated resilience of the LGBTQIA+ community. The conference will primarily be focused on the healthcare needs of the population through the lenses of prevention, treatment, support services, and resiliency. This unique student-organized conference will provide a space for dialogue about topics related to LGBTQIA+ health, and equip attendees with resources and effective strategies to maintain good health. 

Sessions will be led by faculty, students, and organizations in our local community that specialize in and/or demonstrate an acquired knowledge in topics related to LGBTQIA+ health and advocacy. Whitman-Walker Health will be providing free HIV/STI testing from 10am-3pm in the Lisner loading dock across from the Marvin Center.  

To support and uplift the LGBTQIA+ campus communities by providing support and information services around advocacy, preventative strategies, and mental, behavioral, and sexual health.

  • Provide a comprehensive health education for students across the spectrums of gender and sexuality by focusing on prevention, treatment, and support services.
  • Highlight the significant health disparities and systematic oppression faced by the LGBT population, with an emphasis on intersectional experiences.
  • Support sexual and gender diversity by providing a space for the LGBTQIA+ community to celebrate their continued existence despite systematic oppression.
  • Engage LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies on campus in a conversation about the nature and impact of health disparities in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Please email the Student Association with any questions.

Schedule Overview

Saturday, January 18th
*All breakout sessions on Marvin Center 3rd Floor*

  • 9:00am - Check-in 
  • 9:30am - 9:50am Welcome (Continental Ballroom)
  • 10:00am-10:50am - Breakout Sessions 1
Room 307
"A Dialogue on the Pervasiveness of Sexual Violence within the LGBTQIA+ Community"
Nana Evison, GW Students Against Sexual Assault as the Vice President of Intersectionality
I will lead a dialogue on sexual abuse/assault within the LBGTQIA+ community with the use of a few video clips. This will prove that individuals of this community are oftentimes left out of conversations centered on sexual abuse, although, they are the group that experiences assault at the highest rates. Through an intersectional lens, I will explain that this community is disproportionately affected due to the prominence of structural and social inequalities (e.g. racism, sexism, etc.). I will identify the ways in which the audience can assist anyone who is currently healing and recovering from sexual trauma and continue the conversation of sexual assault within this community.

Room 302 
"A Healthy 2020 !" 
Susan Haney, Nurse Practitioner, Associate Director, Medical services, Colonial Health Center
Review services available in the CHC , Medical and Mental Health with focus on needs of LGBTQIA community. Including update on screenings as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

Room 310
"Yoga as a Means of Self-care" 
Daniel Wikstrom, Yoga Teacher
The presentation will be an participation-focused workshop on methods of self-care, yoga and mindfulness – along with important considerations involving setting healthy boundaries around exercise and lifestyle changes. Since the event is on LGBTQIA+ health, the presentation will begin with an introduction to LGBTQIA+ health issues (including higher rates of anxiety, eating disorders, smoking, etc) and how yoga and yoga’s principles can be used in congruence with other self-care techniques to help maintain a healthy lifestyle (there will be plenty of self-awareness in this workshop regarding the limits to yoga and other self-care technique’s efficacy in helping with such issues).

  • 11:00am-11:50am - Breakout Sessions 2

Room 301
"Time to Thrive: Queer Narratives of Trauma and Survivorship"
Alex Golway, MPH Student - Epidemiology
I will discuss how queer histories are informed by trauma and survivorship on both a personal and community level, using examples from LGBTQIA+ history, culture, and literature. I will tell the story of how living through a cancer diagnosis in my early 20s helped me discover my queer gender identity and sexuality and how my own gender transition exists outside the dominant, cis-driven narrative of "being born in the wrong body." I will discuss the need to dismantle the harmful stereotypes surrounding LGBTQiA+ identities and advocate for trans healthcare beyond medical transition services.

Room 307
Faith Mitchell, Whitman-Walker prevention programs coordinator
Will discuss role in Whitman-Walker and services offered. In this role, I coordinate our department's HIV prevention efforts including community program planning and our PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) Clinic and patient navigation to make sure people have the tools and knowledge to access health care and reduce their risk of transmitting HIV.

  • 12:00pm-12:50pm - Breakout Sessions 3

Room 301
"Reflections of a Black Trans Activist: My Story, Our Struggle, and The Experience"

Jazmin Sutherlin, DC Center
This lecture will feature a raw account of a life as a trans woman of color and how that experience alone birthed a passion for activism. Many reflections will come from humorous personal stories that carry a serious message regarding systematic oppression and will demonstrate how social determinants hinder one from reaching the self- actualization place of empowerment needed to not only survive; but to overcome and thrive as an individual and a community as a whole. Sexual health will be covered as well as what daily life looks like for many of our trans sisters and brothers.

Room 302
"Sex Without Fear: HIV Decriminalization on College Campuses in the era of the undetectable"

Dwayne Kwaysee Wright, Visiting Assistant Professor of Higher Education Administration, GSEHD
Should a college student be suspended or expelled for failing to disclose to another student his/her/their HIV + status before sexual intercourse when that student has an undetectable viral load? What rights if any does a student with a negative HIV serostatus have to know about another students status before agreeing to engage in unprotected sex, even when the possibility of transmission has been reduced to near zero. These are the questions that this presentation seeks to engage with. It is almost without question that a person living with HIV who has achieved an "undetectable" viral load cannot transfer the virus to another person. Yet still many state laws make it a criminal act to engage in sexual intercourse with another person without disclosing one's status, undetectable or not. While these laws are rarely enforced, it places those living with HIV in an awkward position. This is precarious situation on college campuses, where disclosure may result in stigmatization and marginalization for HIV + students. This presentation engages with such polices as they relate to college life. We will engage with the question of what should be the student conduct polices on a campus around between people with divergent HIV statuses. Can a balance be struck? The audience and the presenter will dive in into the deep end of such polices and (hopefully) begin to develop answers to the question: Who is entitled to Sex without Fear?

Room 307
"Queering Physical Activity and Exercise"
Tiff Cunin, Adjunct Faculty, GWSPH
This presentation illustrates the significant health disparities related to physical activity and exercise among the LGBTQIA+ population, and how these disparities impact the physical, emotional, and psychosocial development of LGBTQIA+ youth. The primary purpose of this session is to discuss the current research related to the complex intersection of sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical activity among LGBTQIA+ youth and implications for future research to close the gaps.

  • 1:00pm - Lunch - NuVegan Cafe (Continental Ballroom)
  • 1:30pm - Keynote Speaker - Ntlotleng Mabena, M.D. is a women’s health and rights activist and medical doctor from South Africa. (Continental Ballroom)
***Full schedule of presentations will be handed out during check-in

Partner Organizations Include
MSSC LGBTQIA+ Resource Center, LGBT Health Practice and Policy Program, Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement, Colonial Health Center, Capital Peers, Whitman-Walker, DC Center, and more.

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